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Welcome to the website of Novelist and Playwright Daniel C. Lorti


After selling his company, Daniel C. Lorti decided to exploit his professional life and experiences in a written medium within boundaries. The first novel was The Missing F_ctor, an action-adventure Jim Factor vehicle traversing a myriad of countries abroad that encompassed major arms dealing factions existing in the U.S., Russia and other countries fueled initially by demands from Central Africa and afterwards, the Middle East. Those who reviewed the manuscript gave it high praise for its plot, action, detail and characterization. However, with a manuscript and no literary takers, he perceived a change in the genre might be beneficial and began a historical fiction novel using a firsthand knowledge of Avignon, France’s history, a beginning of a mystery started in the 14th century, the Middle Ages, with knights and kings dealing with catastrophes, territorial and religious conflicts, and internal strife culminating in the 21st century with no less daring and persistent adventurers. Thus, The Avignon Legacy came into being as the second novel.

Continually seeking and waiting patiently for representation he resolved not to let grass grow under his feet and turned to a third genre and wrote The Mulligan, a romantic fantasy. It included an acclaimed two-man play, An Interview with Bobby Jones, Jr., a humorous and ironic interview of the legendary golfer whose accomplishments took him to the top of the sports world. As it was in completion, he became noticed and represented by the Loiacono Literary Agency.

Lorti’s fourth novel, The Business End, became a sequel to the first Jim Factor novel taking the reader into the shadowy world of arms dealing and the Russian mafia organizations vying for power and dominance. The fifth novel Knights of Honor is a sequel to the first well-received historical fiction The Avignon Legacy involving a knight, Jean Termonde. It was followed by Knights in Action, the third in the series and, in turn, the fourth, The Neptune Project.

In between the novels, The Writer’s Tool Box was written featuring a clear, precise, and inclusive guide for aspiring, beginning and accomplished writers and has garnished wide-acceptance in classes and writing conferences.


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